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English Breakfast Sandwiches

Did you go a little too hard on your adventure last night? Wake up with a pounding head? Well fire up the coffee pot and get the flat top going. This breakfast is guaranteed to clear your head and have you ready to take on the day.


English Breakfast Sandwich

English Bangers




English Muffins


HP Brown Sauce


The first thing you'll want to get started are your English bangers. Since these come raw, you're going to want to cook them low and slow to make sure all of the meat is cooked throughout. Once those are almost done, throw your bacon on next to them and get your egg frying. Sunnyside up is how we chose to do ours because according to Chef Danny, "That's the only way English people know how to cook their eggs."

Grab your mushrooms and tomatoes and get those cooking next to your bacon and bangers. Once your tomatoes and mushrooms have softened, your bangers are cooked through, bacon is crispy, and egg is done just enough to be runny, you're almost ready to assemble.

A few last crucial steps are toasting your English muffins in all of that grease that has collected on the griddle. We know this isn't the healthiest, but you're gonna love the taste and feel a whole lot better from your hangover. Put it all together and don't forget the brown sauce!

We don't know what brown sauce is, but you can't have an English breakfast without it.




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