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Adventure Grilling

At HitchFire, we are dedicated to providing a quality experience through cooking and the outdoors. Transitioning from the comforts of a rooftop tent while, we strive to build a life based around the hitch that can provide everything you need for a life on the road while easily packing all of the gear and friends you need to experience the adventure you’ve always dreamed of.

We want to inspire you to get out and enjoy adventure grilling!

 Wild Food 

Ariel Tweto joins the Fin and Forage crew for her first free diving experience off the coast of California. After collecting their ingredients they head into the hills of Big Sur to grill up a 5 star meal with an incredible view. 


Overlanding Baja

The HitchFire team tags along with overland guide service Legends Overlanding to learn more about the Northern part of the peninsula and what it takes to break a HitchFire Grill.




It's probably one of the worst feelings in the world when at the end of a long day, you head to the fridge to grab a nice cold beer and what do you know... somebody decided to take the last one!



Dueling Grills 

2022 was our second Dueling Grills competition where chefs go head-to-head to compete for an assortment of prizes from HitchFire, KC Hi-Lites, Kinders, Roam, and Messermeister. Check out the highlights here and see who came out on top with bragging rights this year.



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