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Tailgating Bacon Burgers

Bacon Brie Burgers

Looking for the perfect recipe for the big game this weekend? Check out this luxurious Bacon Brie Burger made by Overland Cookery. This burger balances the rich flavor of the Brie cheese with an apple slaw made up of thin strips of green apple, stone ground mustard, and red wine vinegar. And a hot tip for when you’re tailgating, caramelize the onions at home the night before and store them in your cooler. That way when you get to the game, you’ve got one less thing to worry about!


What you'll need:

Ground Beef


Olive oil


Brioche Buns

Green Apples

Stone Ground Mustard

Red Wine Vinegar

Salt & Pepper


The night before your tailgate make sure to caramelize your onions so that they're ready to go for game day. You can also get your patties formed the night before and have them ready to throw right on the grill to avoid any extra mess. 


Once your tailgate is all set up, the rest is easy! Jason was using the ultimate grill station bundle with the burner side table to fry up the bacon in a cast iron skillet before throwing the burgers on the grill. When your bacon is done, set it aside and grill your burgers before adding some big hunks of brie cheese to the top. You can leave them on the grill for an extra minute or two to have the cheese melt a bit. 

To make the apple slaw, you'll slice up your green apples into very thin strips and combine them with the mustard and some red wine vinegar. 

Once your cheese is melted, place your patty on a bun and top with the apple slaw, caramelized onions, and any extra condiments you have laying around. Pair them off with a delicious beverage and you're ready to head to the game!

Big thanks to Overland Cookery for putting this recipe together! If you’re looking for an amazing chef to help create the best meals for your next overland expedition, Jason is the man! From large corporate parties, to smaller group missions, he’ll be your onsite chef while you conquer some of the planet’s gnarliest terrain. And check out his cookbook in the shop. 


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