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Surf Trip - Halibut Sandwiches w/ Reef Dog Deli

Looking for a great way to spend a sunny day in Santa Cruz? Look no further than a trip up the coast with Chef Anthony and the Hitchfire team! We recently had the pleasure of taking a trip with Chef Anthony, the owner of the famous Reef Dog Deli in Capitola, and it was an experience to remember.

As the winter swells were starting to die down, we decided to call up Chef Anthony and see if he was up for a little adventure. To our delight, he was more than happy to join us on a trip up the coast to explore the beautiful scenery and enjoy some delicious food.

Anthony is not only an accomplished surfer but also an expert chef, and he brought along his grilling skills to make our day even more memorable. He fired up the Hitchfire F-20 grill and prepared a delicious meal of Halibut sandwich, salad, and fresh potato chips. And to wash it all down, he also brought along some Mexi tequila seltzers that were a perfect complement to the food.

As we savored our meal, we couldn't help but appreciate the beauty of the coastline around us. The Hitchfire F-20 grill was the perfect place to cook our meal and take in the stunning views. With its durable construction and compact size, it's the ultimate grill for any outdoor adventure.

If you're ever in Capitola, be sure to stop by Reef Dog Deli for a taste of their amazing sandwiches. And for a refreshing drink, give Mexi tequila seltzers a try. And if you're looking for the ultimate outdoor adventure experience, don't forget to pack your Hitchfire F-20 grill.

Check out the recipe below. 


 On the Hitchfire cutting board, cut bread and set aside. Meanwhile portion 5-6 oz of any fish, in
this video we use halibut.
 Season with salt/ moderate blackening on flesh side
 Score fish and drizzle olive oil / cook for 4-5 minutes on medium heat on hitchfire seasoned side
 Toss greens with olive oil, salt and pepper
 Drizzled gochujang mayo on bottom, place fish over/ texture fish to cover bun
 Tong celery root remoulade (a large softball tan root-vegetable with little spiny knobs coming
out of it. Delicious and crunchy, peppery and sweet when eaten raw). This needs to be grated
and tossed with fresh lemon juice (note below) from turning brown. 2 tbsp of crema to 1 whole
grated celery root
 Top with seasoned greens
 Top with pickled red onions
 Top with griddled bread and cut in half. Enjoy with cold brew, white wine or just lemonade. Nap, surf, repeat!!!!

Chefs tips:
Make your own gochujang mayo by combining 2pts mayo to one part gochujang

Grill your bread with olive oil. 

Cook bread before fish and place on lower surface of hitchfires lid to stay warm.
Pickle your own red onions by combining red wine vinegar, a little salt, a tad bit more of sugar, some fresh red onions and a sharp knife or mandolin. On the side burner, have a pot, add vinegar, sugar and salt. Bring brine to a boil. Add fresh herbs. Meanwhile cut onions and place in bowl. Pour vinegar over onions
and let sit for an hour cooling. Take the rest and use it on a salad over grilled steak at night. This brine can pickle all sorts of vegetables.

For celery root, at home, mix equal parts mayo to sour cream, Greek yogurt can substitute, add a squeeze of lemon, a pinch of cayenne, chopped parsley or dill, a pinch of salt and pepper.

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