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Kona Mesh Grill Bags - For Outdoor & Indoor Grills - Patented Easy Close BBQ Grilling Bags For Veggies - Reusable, Non Stick & Easy to Clean (1 Large and 1 Medium)

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Kona Mesh Grill Bags are the perfect solution for grilling your favorite small-sized foods. Made from high-quality, non-stick mesh material, these bags allow heat and smoke flavor to circulate freely, cooking your food to perfection while keeping it from sticking to or falling through the grill grates. Now, you can small food items without the fuss of flipping each item. So fire up the grill and get ready for a delicious meal with Kona Mesh Grill Bags.
  • 🔥 MAKE GRILLING SMALL FOODS EASY - Load all your small items into the bags and simply flip the whole bag. No more tedious work of flipping each small item.
  • PREVENT FALL THROUGH - The mesh grill bag prevents small or breakable food from falling down through the grill grates. Never lose your veggies or seafood again!
  • BE A GRILLMASTER - Our heavy-duty mesh design allows your barbeque masterpiece to fully absorb those awesome smokey flavors. Great for making healthy jerky, nuts, vegetables, & salsa. These protective BBQ grill bags work indoors or outdoors. There are the best grilling accessories for your Traeger, Green Egg, Masterbuilt, Weber, Kamado, Camp Chef, and Green Mountain grills and smokers.
  • KONA MESH BAGS MEAN MORE FLAVOR - The mesh allows more air circulation so smoke passes through and your foods are kissed by the flames! Gives more flavor to your cooking!
  • NON-STICK & EASY CLEANING -The grill bag is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Made of a non-stick PTFE (PFOA FREE) coated mesh. The non-stick surface keeps your grill clean!
Moab Rooftop Tent grilling

Grill Anywhere

From the beach, to sporting events, to the mountains, grill wherever your vehicle can go. Quick and easy setup allows you to get grilling in just a few short minutes, without the mess.

Grilling by the ocean

Food for the whole family

With a large 18"x22" grilling area, there's plenty of room to cook for the whole family and a few friends.

Tailgate Grilling and cornhole

Leave the mess behind

Our proprietary swing arm lets you leave the grill and it's mess outside your vehicle, leaving more room inside for clean cargo.

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